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2023 9/2〜10/1 

march 16 (2023) 〜

               mission possible 
               march 10〜april 8 2023

COBRA and Ken Kagami
February 19 - March 11, 2023

Letters, Lights, Travels on the Street 
(Bokura ga tabi ni deru riyuu)
Curated by Jeffrey RosenAug 25th – Sep 11th, 2022

Feeling Funny : Humour in Contemporary Art

Curated by Alexandria Fuller - PS Upstairs

“Abstraction!” by MISAKO & ROSEN

“Abstruction!” by MISAKO & ROSEN 


“Abstraction!” by MISAKO & ROSEN

“Abstruction!” by MISAKO & ROSEN 


2021. 2. 2 Tue – 2.21 Sun
Organized by MISAKO & ROSEN 
Fergus Feehily, Ken Kagami, Shimon Minamikawa, Margaret Lee, Yui Yaegashi, Trevor Shimizu, Kazuyuki Takezaki, Paulo Monteiro, Takashi Yasumura, Richard Aldrich

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11AM-7PM Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays 11AM – 5PM
Closed: Mondays and Days following National Holidays

Abstraction !

MISAKO & ROSEN have organized the exhibition “Abstraction!” for CADAN Yurakucho.
Free from working according to any ideological framework, the best of contemporary painting exists as a record of the particular experiments of the particular artist who created the work. Without trying to be expressive or non-expressive, representational or otherwise, the paintings exist literally as paintings. The literal quality of the paintings is at once simple, with the works consisting of the materials out of which they were created and complex, in so far as what a painting means differs from artist to artist, viewer to viewer. In the case of contemporary painting, the story and relationship between paintings in the artist’s oeuvre is of equal importance as any relationship to “art” history. However abstract, each work in “Abstraction!” is also imbued with its own narrative, a story inevitably shaped by the knowledge and experience of its viewer. A common quality of each works is that it invites a type of looking that offers a form of pleasure.


Ken Kagami & COBRA “Romantic Comedy”

2020.2.23 Sun - 2020.3.15 Sun
Opening reception : 2.23 Sun 13:00 - 16:00
*Following the reception the gallery will remain open until 17:00
Screening schedule for previous films
2020.2.9 - 2.15
The Saturday Object Theater 1 Hatred…. Murder by object!? Suspenseful film!!
2020.2.16 - 2.21
The Saturday Object Theater 2 One morning, wake up and missing ●●●! Mystery master film!
Trevor Shimizu and Ken Kagami
January 26 - March 28, 2020
Curated by and with an accompanying text by Emily Watlington
14.9. – 19.10.2019
The first Goldie’s Gallery exhibition (2016) was an installation of two paintings and an open book propped against the wall, surrounding Goldie’s playmat. The playmat was situated in a small corner between a couch and closet, illuminated by a small nightlight. At three months of age, Goldie’s movement was limited to laying on her back and stomach, before learning to crawl. Several exhibitions revolved around this playmat until she outgrew it and moved to a bouncing chair. Each installation is determined by Goldie’s development, furniture, and unused space. Recent exhibitions have had a focus on painting and sculpture, installed on a neutral wall above a book shelf in Goldie’s bedroom.
This group show is our first since September 2018 and the first outside of the apartment. Continuing our focus on painting and sculpture, this installation brings together many of the artists previously exhibited and artists represented by Galerie Christine Mayer. Although they’re a cross-generational group with opposing lifestyles, all share a generous spirit and an active pursuit of new forms and ideas.
Artists exhibiting include: André Butzer, Antoine Catala, Andy Hope 1930, Rafael Delacruz, Ken Kagami, Tan Kagami, Marc Matchak, Quintessa Matranga, Mieko Meguro, Kitty Cat Meow Meow, Chris Milic, Monique Mouton, Eric Palgon, Asha Schechter and Trevor Shimizu.
Trevor Shimizu

en cours

Le ciel, l’eau, les dauphins, la vierge, les flics, le sang des nobles, l’ONU, l’Europe, les casques bleus, Facebook, Twitter

Exposition du 8.02.19 au 17.03.19
Mélanie Akeret, Marilou Bal, Trudy Benson, Deborah Bosshart, Vittorio Brodmann, Ralph Bürgin, Guillaume Dénervaud, Anna Diehl, Natacha Donzé, Othmar Farré, Marie Gyger, Catherine Heeb, Séverine Heizmann, Lauren Huret, Ken Kagami, Jan Kiefer, Real Madrid, Laure Marville, Thomas Moor, Flora Mottini, Kaspar Müller, Markus Müller, Caterina de Nicola, Jean Otth, Max Ruf, Arnaud Sancosme, Liem Tong, Andrew Norman Wilson



Eric Bainbridge, Martin Belou, Lorenzo Bernet, Massimiliano Bomba, Lupo Borgonovo, Aline Bouvy, Joanne Burke, Monster Chetwynd, Masaya Chiba, COBRA, June Crespo, Keren Cytter, Michele Di Menna, Thea Djordjadze, Melanie Ebenhoch, Carla Filipe, Alex Frost, Luisa Gardini, Thomas Geiger, Rob Halverson, Katharina Höglinger, Kenji Ide, Bleta Jahaj, Thomas Jeppe, Ken Kagami, Tan Kagami, Andrea Kvas, Joel Kyack, Sonja Câmara / LABAREDA, Adriana Lara, Kris Lemsalu, James Lewis, Candice Lin, f.marquespenteado, Paulo Mendes, Gijs Milius, Musa paradisiaca, Sarah Ortmeyer, Anastasia Pavlou, Oliver Payne, Georg Petermichl, Chadwick Rantanen, Roland Rauschmeier, Pepo Salazar, Toni Schmale, Philipp Schwalb, Robert Schwarz, Lisa Sitko, Teresa Solar, Life Sport, Zin Taylor, Lukas Thaler, Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys, Gregor Titze, Urara Tsuchiya, Amalia Vekri, Astrid Wagner, Gregor Wright, Yui Yaegashi

10 November 2018 - 29 January 2019
The New Bootleggers Installation:
Sven Barth, Sterling Bartlett, Raven Chacon, Marissa Chavez, Brendan Donnelly, Max Farber, Stefan Fitzgerald, Leonard Fresquez, Ry Fyan, Thomas Christopher Haag, Internet Discount Mall, Ken Kagami, Malcolm Kenter, Will Michelson, Rye Purvis, Gregory Shimada, Jillian Stein, Jaime Tillotson, Scott Daniel Williams and Chase Witter.


Did you close your eyes to make this painting?

14 April, 2018 — 12 May, 2018 at BWSMX, Mexico City
Ken Kagami & Trevor Shimizu
23/02 – 25/03 2018
ken kagami&COBRA "The Saturday Object Theater"
at nadiff gallery
september7~september24 2017
Natsu no Tobira
Organized by Misako and Jeffrey Rosen
Yosuke Takayama, COBRA, Maki Katayama, Ken Kagami, Yuko Murata, Miho Doi, Shunsuke Imai, Yu Nishimu
July 13 - August 26, 2017


  A free one-on-one intimate portrait session with artist Ken Kagami for all interested exhibition visitors
26-28 August 2016 
CODE ART FAIR  copenhagen 26-28 August 2016


Contemporary Art Daily

Ken Kagami "DOG"

2016.1.10 Sun - 2.7 Sat
加賀美健 “MILK MAN”
2016年1月10日 - 2月14日
ミルクマンは、2000 年サンフランシスコで生まれました。ある朝、アーティストの加賀美健がミルクマンの顔を思いつきました。そのあと朝食のいちごとバナナが加えられ完成したのが、このミルクマンキャラクター!あのアメリカの人気バンド、ディアフーフがこのミルクマンにインスパイアされ「ミルクマン」というアルバムまでリリース!時代を超え、愛させれきたミルクマンが、この冬ソフトビニール貯金箱になって登場!制作を手がけたのはあのソフビで有名なリンデ!カフェサンデーにて先行発売いたします!

COBちゃんKENちゃん / The Saturday Object Theater

2016.1.10 - 2016.2.7
Hours: Thursday-Sunday 14:00-19:00
Presented by The Steak House DOSKOI
Artist : Ken Kagami, COBRA
Special thanks : Misako and Rosen

Information links

In the kitchen of XYZ collective
Ken Kagami Performance at Frieze Art Fair London 2015
The Saturday Object Theater
COBRA in collaboration with Ken Kagami
Reception: October 31 7-9pm, 2015

The Green Gallery West
3849 N Palmer St
Milwaukee, WI 53212
by appointment
Frieze London 14~17october 2015
(A free one-on-one intimate portrait session with artist Ken Kagami for all interested exhibition visitors.)
Arcadia Missa, London Amalia Ulman
Luhring Augustine, New York / Franco Noero, Turin Tunga
Meyer Riegger, Berlin Eva Koťátková
Misako & Rosen, Tokyo Ken Kagami
Southard Reid, London Edward Thomasson & Lucy Beech
Kate Werble Gallery, New York Rancourt / Yatsuk
The Nothing That Is
- a drawing show in 5 parts
June 5 - September 7, 2015
Chapter 1 DDDRRRAAAWWWIIINNNGGG in the Main Gallery curated by Bill Thelen and Jason Polan features a “do it yourself” approach to drawing with an emphasis on emerging artists, illustration, zines, economy, and building community through drawing. These artists’ works all utilize drawing as a prime strategy in their art-making process. Artists will be exhibiting collaborative and singular works embedded with their own unique drawing practices including Tedd Anderson, Joana Avillez, Amanda Barr, Chris Bogia, Elijah Burgher, Richard C., Robin Cameron, Ryan Travis Christian, Casey Cook, Daniel Davidson, Louise Despont, Mollie Earls, James Esber, Joy Feasley, Bill Fick, Nancy Ford, Sarah Gamble, Nathan Gelgud, Lincoln Hancock, EJ Hauser, Harrison Haynes, Kathleen Henderson, Jordin Islip, Rich Jacobs, Spencer Jacobs, George Jenne, Ken Kagami, Tricia Keightley, Thad Kellstadt, Victor Kerlow, Jeff Ladouceur, Matt Leines, Lump Lipshitz, Ryan Martin, Stefan Marx, Rich McIsaac, Hazel Meehan, Allyson Mellberg, Tristin Miller, Lee Misenheimer, Lavar Munroe, Kymia Nawabi, Tucker Nichols, Paul Nudd, Jason Osborne, Jason Polan, Tal R, Fernando Renes, Josh Rickards, Steve Reinke, Louis Schmidt, Christopher Schulz, Stewart Sineath, Damian Stamer, Paul Swenbeck, Megan Sullivan, Jeremy Taylor, Christopher Thomas, Derek Toomes, Michael Worful, James Ulmer, Todd Webb, Neil Whitacre, Eric White, Laura Sharp Wilson and Tyler Wolf.

Comic Relief
with Nel Aerts, Bending Binding, Liz Craft, Rafael Delacruz, Ken Kagami, Emily Mae Smith, Quintessa Matranga, Puppies Puppies, Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx

date_from 4/06 4/07/2015
What Pipeline presents

Puppies Puppies


A group show organized by Puppies Puppies

Autumn Ramsey
Alivia Zivich
Sam Lipp
Luis Miguel Bendaña
Tom Humphreys
Ken Kagami
Siera Hyte
Paul Pascal Theriault

April 4 - May 9, 2015
Performance and closing reception on April 25, times TBA

comedie concrète @MISAKO&ROSEN

2015.3.15 Sun - 2015.4.12 Sun
ken kagami NEW T-SHIRTS!!!
XYZcollective at Brennan & Griffin - Man & Play
October 26 - December 21, 2014
Greatest Hits 
Ei Arakawa and Shimon Minamikawa 
Futoshi Miyagi
Nobuaki Takekawa
Ken Kagami
Soshiro Matsubara
Kazuaki Yamane
Yui Usui
Yui Yaegashi
may 9th~may23th@mission Comics&ART
ken kagami's solo show:  Bronze works 2013-2014  @MISAKO&ROSEN

Paramount Ranch



OPEN16:00〜23:00 (会期中無休)

加賀美健、佐藤直樹、JUN OSON、高松徳男、手塚敦嗣、

THE FUTURE IS STUPID @contemporrary art daily
why not live for art? 2@ TOKYO OPERA CITY ART GALLERY
会田誠/リチャード・オードリッチ/雨宮庸介/安藤正子/青山悟/荒木経惟/有馬かおる/ティム・バーバー/ヨーゼフ・ボイス/ジョシュ・ブランド/ヴァルダ・カイヴァーノ/シャギャーン/千葉正也/Chim↑Pom/トーマス・デマンド/マルセル・ザマ/蛭子未央/ウィリアム・エグルストン/ジャン・フォートリエ/ファーガス・フィーリー/藤本由紀夫/サイモン・フジワラ/ライアン・ガンダー/ジェラティン/春木麻衣子/橋本聡/アントン・ヘニング/フェデリコ・エレーロ/東恩納裕一/平川恒太/細江英公/ネイサン・ヒルデン/池田衆/泉太郎/ポール・ジョンソン/加賀美健/金氏徹平/笠井麻衣子/柏原由佳/加藤翼/マイク・ケリー/木村友紀/喜多順子/小林正人/小出ナオキ/小村希史/近藤亜樹/忽那光一郎/桑久保徹/桑田卓郎/前原冬樹/山下麻衣+小林直人/ロバート・メイプルソープ/エドガー・マーティンズ/MASAKO/松江泰治/ライアン・マッギンレー/ヘレン・ファン・ミーネ/南川史門/三宅砂織/宮本隆司/ジャン=リュック・モーマン/森村泰昌/森田浩彰/森山大道/村上隆/流麻二果/中原浩大/中平卓馬/奈良美智/名和晃平/蜷川実花/西野達/西尾康之/小谷元彦/クリス・オフィリ/大野智史/オル太/大崎のぶゆき/大谷工作室/小沢剛/ジョージェ・オズボルト/パラモデル/アーノルフ・ライナー/スティーブン・G・ローズ/スターリング・ルビー/佐伯洋江/須田一政/志賀理江子/アダム・シルヴァーマン/曽根裕/アレックス・ソス/五月女哲平/須藤絢乃/田口和奈/竹川宣彰/田中秀和/田中圭介/田中功起/ジェイソン・テラオカ/寺島みどり/照屋勇賢/ゲルト&ウーヴァ・トビアス/津上みゆき/占部史人/臼井良平/ダーン・ヴァン・ゴールデン/和田真由子/アピチャッポン・ウィーラセタクン/矢部奈桜子/八木良太/山川冬樹/山本桂輔/山本理恵子/指差し作業員/横山裕一 ほか
THE FUTURE IS STUPID :ken kagami&scott reeder @THE GREEN GALLERY 6/1~7/14

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kenkagami "HOLLIWOOD STAR'S PUBES"limited edition 100

kenkagami new T-shirts!

19516 kilometers from Milwaukee or 12126 miles

2013.3.14 Thu - 3.31 Sun
Opening reception:3.17 Sun - SUNDAY BRUNCH 13:00 - 16:00
Dress code:Green
Slide Talk show 15:00
"Eventful Goings - on in Places we've Traveled"
by John Riepenhoff , Jeffrey and Misako Rosen
(Following the reception the gallery will remain open until 17:00)
Artists:Scott Reeder / Soshiro Matsbara / José Lerma / Yui Yaegashi / Shimon Minamikawa / Michelle Grabner / Matthew Higgs / Nicholas Frank / Ken Kagami

@ misako&rosen


Isaac Lin
Jesse Geller
Rose Luardo
Ken Kagami
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Rebekah Maysles
Dan Murphy
Jacob Ciocci
Jessica Ciocci
Andrea Sonnenberg
Thom Chow
Quan Ly

Feb 26th - March 26th
Opening: Tues Feb 26th, 7 - 9pm

436 N. Fairfax Ave.
LA, CA 90036

ken kagami solo show "SPICY"@ NADiff GALLERY
From january25th to March3th ,2013

ken kagami "HOT BOOK" limited edition 100

HOT:ken kagami and Trevor Shimizu at Misako&Rosen
Contemporary Art Daily's review

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30 OCT 2011


ken kagami ZINE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!